What is an escape room?

EscapeOut is a live escape room experience. At EscapeOut each team is given 60minutes in which to escape a themed room. You will have to use your logic and work as a team to hunt for clues and solve puzzles. You will be assigned a designated host that will take you through the experience and provide you with hints if you get stuck.

What is the recommended team size?

Our EscapeOut themed rooms have been designed for 2-6 players per team. The minimum team size is 2 and ideal size is 4-6. Larger groups can be split into smaller teams where you compete for the fastest time. Please contact us through our contact page for more info and bookings.

How long will the EscapeOut last?

The experience will last around 80minutes. This will include the intial briefing, the room (60minutes) and an after game debrief/ picture for our facebook page (upon constent given). Please arrive 10minutes prior to booking time to gain the best experience.

Who can play EscapeOut?

EscapeOut teams can consist of families, friends, students, work collegues and many others. It can also be used for dates, school bookings & corporate team building events. Aswell as for birthday, stag & hen parties.

How much does EscapeOut cost?


What should players wear?

EscapeOut players can wear anything that they feel comfortable in. We love fancy-dress although it should not be seen as offensive to others or children as our venue is open to all ages.

Is there a place to leave our belongings?

Your game host will allow you to lock your belongings within a locker and keep the key for the duration of your game.

What ages can play?

Those under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult and the adult must be a paying member of the team. Our rooms are fun for all age groups, although those below the age of 10 may find some aspects of the games challenging. Under no circumstance are children allowed to be left alone during the EscapeOut experience.

Will I be scared and am i safe?

Yes you are completly safe. If at any point you want to leave the escape room you can. Your game host will monitor you and your safety at all times during your experience.

Any other questions?

Can't find the answer to your question? Go to our contact page and send us a email. We will get back to you regarding any of your questions.

Accessibility & special requirments?

TBC based on venue.

What happens if i'm late?

As EscapeOut is a live escape room experience, your game cannot be delayed and will need to finish at the allotted time. If you arrive late you may still be able to play at the discreation of the host with a reduced game time. Please see our T's and C's for more info. If you are running late it is advised that you call us on 07903330257 and we will try to accomodate you the best that we can.

How difficult is EscapeOut?

While none of our games are easy to win, if you can work well as a team, make use of your problem solving skills and show lots of enthusiasm then you will most likely succeed. If your team are stuggling then you will be given the odd clue to help you along the way.

Are the rooms phyiscal?

EscapeOut rooms require no strength to be used at any point. Some of our puzzles may require you to move phyiscally but will not be too demanding for players to succeed.

I'm pregnant, can i join in?

Of course! The rooms are not too physically demanding and a chair can be provided during the game if you wish to sit down. At any point during the game you will be able to leave.

What are your opening times?